TedTed's writing career got off to a rocky start. He wrote his first book at age five about a squirrel that wanted very much to have a name. The squirrel overheard a family having a picnic and decided he liked the name tunafish, a food that young Ted was very fond of. After the book was finished, illustrated and bound with string, Ted learned that tunafish was not just the name of some delicious substance, it was the name of another animal.

Both the squirrel and Ted were crushed. Ted did not write another word of fiction until college.

      In the late 90's Ted grew concerned that the US was paying too much attention to ICBM's and not enough to lightly financed terrorists who might attack by other means. He began writing The Dot.Com Terrorist in 2000 and, unfortunately, on September 11, 2001, Ted's concerns turned out to be valid. The thriller is set prior to 9/11 in the overlapping Ramadan and Christmas seasons of 2000.  

      When Ted and Joan built a log house in Central Oregon, south of Bend, Ted became so enamored of the old cattle ranch he and his neighbors lived on that he wrote a history of it, Vandevert - The Hundred Year History of a Central Oregon Ranch, along with his good friend, Grace Vandevert McNellis, who had grown up on the ranch with cattle, sheep, and dogs but no electricity or running water.

      Ted widened the scope of his next book, On the Road from Burns, to include all of Central Oregon, an area larger than the state of Connecticut. Sixteen short stories range across the region and its history, from 1853 to, speculatively, 2039. The stories also in range in style from humorous to sad, from suspense to romance, and from realistic to imaginative.

       In 2017 Ted published Suspects, the first novel in the Northwest Murder Mystery series set in Central Oregon. The book is followed by The Mirror Pond Murders, published in 2019, The Mt. Bachelor Murders in 2021, and Pole Pedal Murder in 2022.  A fifth mystery is in the works .

       Ted is often swimming when he isn't writing and he occasionally wins a ribbon or a coffee cup. In the year ending May 31, 2020 he was the second fastest swimmer in the country in his age group at 1,650 yards.  Once a year Ted and Joan trek to Jackson Hole to flyfish with an English major guide they've known over thirty years. They all agree a well-equipped fisherman always carries a dictionary.

TedTed was born near Garden City, Long Island in early 1945. In 1948 his family moved to Pound Ridge, New York, where Ted grew up in what was then a still rural community. He liked math and thought he was relatively good at it. But his best grades were in English which seemed to him to be easy, just common sense. He played trombone in a dance band in high school and has loved music, particularly jazz, ever since.

       Dartmouth College, in the wilds of New Hampshire, accepted Ted into the class of '67, where Ted planned to become an engineer.  But he quickly gave it up for English and economics. He was a member of the canoe club, opting for only slightly faster transport, a cavernous black 1946 Ford sedan, to carry his friends to weekends in Boston and New York. Perhaps his most memorable journey was as an exchange student at Talladega College, a traditional black college in Alabama.

       What changed Ted's life was attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California, where he earned his MBA and met his future wife, who was from Palo Alto, had attended Smith, and was studying in the graduate school of education. Joan earned her own MBA in 1975 and went on to have a very successful career in commercial Silicon Valley real estate. 

      After a year with VISTA working to put poor people into business and six months traveling (Ted climbed Mt. Kenya) Ted joined the advertising business in New York as an account executive, wishing he were a copywriter. In 1973 he moved to San Francisco where Joan had the good grace to marry him. In 1976 he began his career in marketing with a start-up computer company that believed, for a brief moment, that it was a viable competitor to Apple. After that he worked nine years for ROLM corporation - later acquired by IBM. At 3Com he worked for Bob Metcalfe, founder of 3Com and inventor of Ethernet.

      In the early 90's Ted began writing in earnest under the tutelage of Tom Parker, a widely recognized author and teacher in the Bay Area. Since then Ted has studied short story, novel, and poetry writing at Stanford and UC Berkeley under some of the best teachers in the field. He is a board member of the Waterston Desert Writing Prize.

     Also in the early 90's Ted founded Haynes & Company, a business consulting firm that provided marketing, business development services, and guidance to high tech companies including Netscape, Microsoft, Oracle, and Hello Direct. His first book, The Electronic Commerce Dictionary, grew out of his early (1995) knowledge of the Internet and its potential.